Friday, January 18, 2013

Cute Kid Sayings Catchup

So, as January is a "catch up on the last year/begin the new" one for me, I have a catchup post on cute kid sayings from the past few months. (I can't remember if I have posted some of these before; since I can't remember, I'm including them all here -- partly for my memory.)

N is very interested in nonfiction books. She's also interested in typical six-year-old girl topics -- horses, princesses, fairies, etc. This led to a library trip a while back when she wanted to find "TRUE books about queens," as she told the reference librarian. This is an undeveloped subject area in the easy readers market. We came home with a book about Queen Noor of Jordan, and one about Queen Latifah. (I did explain that, while Queen Latifah is a good singer, she is not actually a real queen.)

She explained peeling the label off her container of toothpaste with the note that she could then see when it was getting low, and see the toothpaste "in its habitat."

Some elderly people have been occasionally visiting her first grade classroom. On their first visit, "Bob" was at her table, and she informed me that he was the oldest one. I asked if he told her that, or if someone else had; upon receiving negative answers, I asked how she knew. "He had the most lines on his face," was the answer. (Evidently, she feels it's the equivalent of tree rings.)

At Christmastime, she told me, "Some kids say Santa isn't real. But he is, because I have proof." She then proceeded to bring out her photo album, and point to the photo of Santa filling stockings in our family room from a couple of years ago. "One of his elves took it," she explained.

*(The elf may have had a little help from a website that promises to "capture the magic.")

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