Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan April 4 (Plus Catch-Up. Or Ketchup.)

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I'm a couple of weeks behind on posting menu plans, but I'm writing down the already-eaten meals anyway, because it makes life easier for me. (I don't save the menu plan sheets of paper that I post on our refrigerator - they go into the recycling at the end of the week -- so this gives me a record of what we've eaten when.)

I did indeed make Morning Glory Muffins (shredded carrots, apples, raisins) a couple of weekends ago, served with Fried Chicken (made with olive oil in a hand-me-down Fry Baby, from a recipe from an old Taste of Home magazine). DH asked if the small chicken pieces were "gizzards"; I believe they were actually thighs from a previous sale of Gold 'n Plump. (I have now become pretty brand-loyal in my chicken buying, in large part because of the lack of hormones in this brand. Plus, the frequent sales don't hurt, either.)

I've also made quite a dent, over the past couple of weeks, in the frozen raspberries picked last summer that have been taking up space in the freezer. Still working on cleaning out the freezer so I can give it a good defrosting -- and then start filling it up again when summer produce comes into season. (We've signed up for a half CSA share this year for the first time, so we'll see how that goes.) Some of the raspberries went into Raspberry Muffins (a recipe that I think originally called for raspberry jam, but I substituted), eaten with our leftover Fish Sticks that same weekend.

And then, we had an uninspired week of: Blueberry Waffles (made with the last of last summer's frozen blueberries), takeout from KFC, church supper, some kind of concoction in which my husband mixed up pasta and rice and some spices and stuff and called it a Soup, Pizza, and Turkey Florentine, a recipe from a Quick Cooking compilation that used up the last of the ground turkey leftovers I had in the freezer (although there's still another whole turkey in there -- I need to get that cooked this spring). Also in Turkey Florentine were pasta (from a very good sale), broccoli (they called for spinach but I substituted), sour cream and gravy -- the last of the jars of gravy I bought during the Thanksgiving-time deals.

The following week, I actually got out my bulk purchase of beef and started browning away, creating a Sunday evening dinner of Sweet and Sour Meatloaf (Quick Cooking compilation, a microwave recipe) and Raspberry Cornbread Muffins, and seguing into meat already browned for the next day's Crockpot Lasagna, served with a salad made with Spinach and Orange Slices. (Bags of oranges and grapefruits were on B1G1 deals at my visit to the grocery store a couple of days earlier, and I figure it's getting to the end of their season -- and any relatively low prices on them.) Also consumed that week were Vegetable Stuffing Bake (frozed mixed vegetables, the last of the Stovetop Stuffing mix from Thanksgiving-time sales), church supper, and Fish Sticks with Orange "Tartar" Sauce (a dip recipe clipped from a Miracle Whip ad years ago, that uses orange zest, Miracle Whip and sour cream -- we use it for fish and, sometimes, veggies or crackers. You know, I suppose I could put cream of tartar in there and actually have a reason to call it tartar sauce...). Plus Pizza.

DH threw his back out over the weekend, and, at my quick grocery store run post-church, I forgot to pick up one of the ingredients for my planned we had some improvisations over this past weekend: leftover Blueberry Waffles from the freezer, or leftover Eggnog Pancakes (that's what we did with the leftover eggnog we had at Christmas before taking off for our travels), from the same source, served with Raspberry Citrus Compote -- raspberries (from the freezer), oranges and grapefruit. The next day's main meal (following the "everybody clean the leftovers out of the fridge" one) was "Spinach" Frittata and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. (Sort of. We tried some new greens, which neither the four-year-old nor I -- the ones who actually eat green salad -- liked as much as the spinach, but we needed to do something with the rest of them. Also, I really should have thawed at least two bananas from the freezer, instead of one, for those muffins. I did use up a a couple of partial bags of chocolate chips, though.)

Which brings us to this week. Here's the tentative plan:

Monday: Cranberry Chicken and Rice, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Tuesday: Sausage Spaghetti Pie.

(This was what I was going to cook this weekend, but didn't have enough tomato paste -- and then I depleted my egg supply, also an ingredient, making the Frittata.) This is a freezer cooking recipe which makes three pies -- the plan is to have one to eat and two for the freezer, either for the family in the future or to be prepared if I get called upon to provide food for a funeral at church. I figure it's a good way to use up the bulk package of spaghetti from a recent pasta sale.

Wednesday:  Zippy Macaroni.

I have an evening appointment, and this is an easy dish that stretches a box of Kraft mac and cheese and adds some grownup taste to it (with salsa).

Thursday: Little Smokies, Hashbrown Casserole.

People in my household who don't really like cornflakes cereal nevertheless chose to purchase a box of it. I do like this hashbrown casserole recipe that my grandma used to prepare frequently, and it calls for cornflakes (and there have been good sales on hasbrowns recently as well). There is still a package of little smokies in the freezer from Christmas time, and it's an easy crockpot recipe that will also use some barbecue sauce from the pantry.

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday:  Some sort of food, as yet undetermined.

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