Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan March 14

This week's menu plan is, as Laura says over at OrgJunkie (where you can find a lot of other menu plans for the week), a flexible tool that helps things work for me. We may not have everything exactly as it says here (I have a lot of spinach to use up, but the four-year-old has been having "issues" with spinach lately --- even though, when she believes it's lettuce, she eats it just fine), but it gives me a tool to work from.

A couple of other things to mention, as I keep track of these recipes for myself: we supplemented our White Chili on Saturday with Spinach Crescents -- using some of the aforementioned spinach, plus a container of crescent rolls in the fridge -- a recipe from a Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations cookbook (I got the names of these cookbooks wrong in last week's post). Notes to self: the fresh spinach does not blend as well with the olive oil in the blender as the frozen spinach the recipe assumes you're using; next time I make these savory breads, I should probably either a) use a different machine or b) only use a tiny, tiny bit of spinach at a time. You're supposed to be creating kind of a spread from the blended spinach, Parmesan and olive oil, to put inside the crescent rolls.

Also, Sunday's meal was Blueberry French Toast Casserole, a recipe from my personal notebook of recipes -- which means I collected it from somewhere, some when, but as for precise details, I have no idea. Used most of the blueberries in the freezer from last summer, a bunch of stale bread ends from the fridge, and some of freshly ordered maple syrup. (Having honeymooned in Vermont, we became maple syrup snobs and will only consume the "real stuff.") Sort of a seasonal meal, as it's getting nigh on to maple sugaring season; also I like to at least try to clear out the previous summer's produce from the freezer during Lent.

Monday: Hot Dogs, Carrot-Raisin Salad.

Not an inspired menu plan, but we had hot dogs and buns in the freezer. Also, I needed to use up the remaining carrots in the crisper drawer; this recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens red and white cookbook. It's an easy meal for the beginning of the workweek, since I chopped up carrots, threw some lemon juice, raisins and Miracle Whip in with them, and stuck them in the fridge yesterday -- the salad needs to chill.

Tuesday: Pasta with Spinach. That's the theory, anyway -- athough, as I've said, I may have issues with the four-year-old consuming this. I'm hoping the pasta will offset the spinach-ness, since I have a meeting on Thursday and am kind of thinkiing of this as a potential early St. Patrick's day celebration. (We did discuss this weekend, as she was eating snacks, that green grapes could be considered a St. Patrick's Day green food.)

Wednesday: Church Supper.

Thursday: Remaining Fish Sticks, Spinach Dip.

There is a partially eaten box of fish sticks in the fridge -- my mom only made some of them when she babysat for the four-year-old a while ago, and truly, it's sort of driving me insane. (I generally do the whole box, then have leftovers.) The Spinach Dip will be green -- and, again, I'm hoping its "dippiness" - potentially served with chips and/or raw veggies -- will offset the spinach-ness for the four-year-old to eat it.

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday: Chicken? Morning Glory Muffins?

Firm plans are not in place yet, but as I did a quick perusal of the freezer contents last weekend, I was reminded that I have a ton of basil/olive oil ice cubes from the plants we grew last summer on the deck -- and I haven't used any of them yet. I might try to do some sort of chicken/basil thing. Also, if there are still more carrots left (a friend brought a veggie tray to my house a few days ago; ironically, the broccoli, celery, and peapods have all been consumed, but hasn't been eaten are all the raw carrots), I haven't made Morning Glory Muffins -- a recipe from either a) my mom or b) the newspaper growing up (or both) -- for a long time. Ingredients include shredded carrots, some apple (I would use a bit of apple from the freezer and then make plans for the rest of the container that would be thawed), and raisins.

Also thinking I really need to start using up last summer's raspberries.

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