Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Socks as Patch Material

Lately, my daughter has been wearing out the knees of her pants. (I suspect this has a lot to do with spending time on her hands and knees being a horse, specifically a race horse.) The pants still fit and, even if I had ever approved of the "holey jeans" look, it is the middle of winter. In Minnesota.

On the other hand, there are some knit socks she has outgrown that are in fine shape -- but I don't have a younger child to pass them down to. And, since they are mostly Children's Place socks acquired during their sales, they are of a similar knit fabric -- and colors -- to her knit pants.

Solution: socks as material for patches. Granted, the pair in this photo doesn't exactly match the shade of pink of the pants -- which is why my mom's idea to use a teddy-bear shaped cookie cutter as a template for the patches worked so well.

(Note: my mom actually did the sewing required to apply these patches. Technically, I do have the skills to do it myself...but it's unlikely that the pants would still fit by the time I got to it.)

I've linked this post to Frugal Friday at LifeAs Mom -- where lots of other frugal tips are shared every week.


  1. That is a great idea and adorable! Did you know that Sears has a "Kid Vantage Club"(its free to join)? You can buy pants for your kids and if they wear them out before they outgrow them, Sears will replace the same size for free!
    Check it out if you have a Sears near you. It was a great blessing for our family.

  2. Thanks, Connie! And, yes, I know about KidVantage Club -- but they do limit that to clothes you've actually purchased through Sears.:)

  3. What a cute patch that is! Your mom is pretty creative!

    I enjoyed looking around your blog.With a librarian mom, it's no wonder you love books. :)

    Annie Kate

  4. Thanks for looking around and commenting! I enjoy your blog, too. And, yes, I think the book-loving thing is genetic. :)