Friday, January 7, 2011

Organizing, Bit by Bit

As part of the whole "new year, get organized, save money" thing, I've been going through bits of paper with various online accounts and passwords, organizing them in a much more findable manner, unsubscribing to those that are no longer relevant, and taking note of various offers that are still useful.

This is a process I'm doing a bit at a time -- a few per day -- so I'm not sure how long it's going to take overall -- but it's been something on my goals/to-do list for a couple of years now, so it's good that I'm actually getting it accomplished. (I just tacked this year's goals onto my list from last year, since much of it was the same.)

A few things I've discovered this week are:

  • A Delta SkyMiles account, which I had assumed was inactive (the last time I flew was in at least 2005, pre-kid) wasn't. Evidently, my points from the transfer of my Northwest miles into Delta miles are still good -- at least until Oct. 31 of this year. It was annoying difficult to find out how much my accumulation was worth in terms of actual flying-type stuff (tickets, etc.), but I'm guessing not much. Still, unless I fly somewhere this year (which, based on the pattern of the past few years, seems unlikely), I do have enough points to redeem for some nice merchandise.
  • Evidently, I can get a free set of address labels every six months through my university alumni association. Since we just used a bunch on Christmas cards, I ordered some.

  • And, I have noted that, if I ever get caught up enough on the bit by bit organizing to need new photos (right now, I am so far behind that I just back them up, and rarely order prints for myself), my account offers 20 free prints per month.
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