Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute Kid Quotes from a Four-Year-Old

(Because today is the last day I get to use the "four-year-old" tag; she turns 5 tomorrow. Sniff. My baby is growing up.)

1) Upon my telling her at a restaurant to "stop acting like a spoiled brat":

"I am not a wild rat!"

(There are times that's debatable...)

2) In another animal-themed comment, after I mentioned I had seen some sort of animal, too large to be a cat and too small to be a deer, crossing the road in a semi-wooded area of our town on my way home from a late-night meeting:

"Maybe it was a walrus!"

I know they're not indigenous to Minnesota. If they've been introduced, I can only imagine the havoc.

3) Not exactly a quote, but we went to the open house for our new summer childcare program the other day. It's being run out of one of the elementary schools, and has one of those big-basined handwashing sinks you may remember from your own childhood.

N thought it was a bathtub.

4) When holding my hand, walking across the parking lot to the grocery store, said with a tone of marveling surprise:

"Your skin is blond just like mine!"

5) After hanging from the rings at a park:

<i>accompanied by flexing her biceps, and strutting around the playground</i> "Look at my muscles! Muscleman! Muscleman!"

She has also, of late, informed me that she's a "tree expert." Which I guess is more humble than her previous assertion that she's an "everything expert."

In some ways, she's growing up too quickly. Which is why I want to hang on to these cute quotes, and her eating her "yo-grit" and turning her clothes inside out before they go in the wash to "pre-tect" the designs, as long as possible.

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  1. Might have been a walrus. You can't know for sure.