Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Goals for the Week of February 11, 2013

So, I didn't post goals the last week of January, because I got sort of disgusted with myself for never getting some of these things done. So, that was intentional -- and then, I believe it's the law of inertia that states that things at rest tend to stay at rest. Which means that I haven't posted anything else in a while either. So, despite its being the middle of the week already, I'm posting my goals for the week in an attempt to give myself a (figurative) kick in the pants.

So, did I get anything accomplished while not posting? Well, ....

Last Week's Goals

Finances and Organization: 

- finish filing paperwork! (yes!)
- clear out catchall basket of catalogs, etc. that have piled up over past month (another yes! I actually did this while the family was watching the Puppy Bowl -- Super Bowl commercials weren't deemed appropriate for six-year-old eyes)
- finish calendar info transfer
- sort through and discard/file school papers
- submit for utilities rebate OR cancel
- make tax appointment
- update pantry inventory
- download will questionnaire and begin to work on it with husand
- determine budget for February (sorting through the paperwork was helpful here; I took real averages of our utility bills for the year, and updated a budget. I'm waiting to see what we actually spend in February before moving any overages from certain categories -- like gifts and/or entertainment -- forward from January, which was just sort of a thrown-together budget)

Spirituality and Creativity:

- continue catchup on chronological Bible reading plan, possibly complete (still working on this)
- continue using prayer books at meals (sort of, not as much as I would have liked)
- finish reading friend's book so can return it (finished it, enjoyed it, returned it at book group gathering)

Family and Friends:
- sign girls up for cookie club
- distribute Girl Scout cookies
- chaperone daughter to sell
- finish read-aloud of Little House on the Prairie
- spend time on a project or playing with 6-year-old (played with marble run she got for Christmas, did a couple of cooking projects, went sledding, had "family game night" with her choices of Uno, Go Fish and Telestrations)

And, on to

This Week's Goals

Finances and Organization:

- pursue/argue with/try to resolve final reimbursement from husband's 2012 FLEX account (there is some issue every year with his benefits administrator. I hate his benefits administrator. They changed to a different company this year, so we shall if things improve, but for 2012, we still have to deal with the old one.)
- compile records of goods donations, charity mileage and expenses for taxes (probably need to print out photos of clothing items I donated to food shelf's thrift store)
- clean out purse (this was actually already on my to-do list, but I was sort of forced to do it when I couldn't find a coupon I was looking for. Nice to have it done, though)
- request financial records from school (kindergarten tuition-we had to pay for full-day) and dance classes (a portion of "arts" instruction is deductible under Minnesota tax code)
- get business photos taken with discount promotion
- explore which business membership organizations that send me emails would be worth joining
- remember to listen to free business webinar offered through alumni association
- inventory gift box
- inventory (and organize) cards on hand (realized I was out of blank cards -- unless I have some I just can't find -- when looking for one the other day. If I know what I need, I can stock up through photo site deals throughout the year.)

Spirituality and Creativity: 

- continue catchup on chronological Bible reading plan (James, Titus and Timothy are on my list for this week)
- Ash Wednesday church
- consider Lenten/Easter resources/activities for/with child

Family and Friends:

- Valentine's Day: lunchbox notes, special meal, etc.
- use husband's spring break activities planning for further research, planning (i.e., discounts, hotel reservations)
- begin Farmer Boy read-aloud

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