Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan

Finally got around to making the Orange Marmalade recipe from The Tightwad Gazette this weekend - -and it was truly awful. On to Plan B for increasing my fruit and veggie consumption with healthy(er) breakfasts. (So far, I have no Plan B.) The Zucchini Bread I also made this weekend from some of last summer's shredded zucchini in the freezer, and the recipe from the BH&G red and white cookbook turned out much better. I ate some of it warm with my leftover Ham and Bean Soup on Sunday -- and also put the last of our leftover white rice from our Chinese New Year restaurant dinner in there to stretch it further. And I'm hoping the Blondies Bars I made for a funeral reception at church this week turned out better than the marmalade -- but, since I'm not attending the funeral, I probably won't ever know.

Monday: Macaroni & Cheese or Zippy Macaroni. These are the choices I've left with DH as I go to a church book group meeting (and hand-off of the funeral bars). They actually both use the same basic ingredient: a box of the Kraft mac & cheese -- but the Zippy Macaroni extends it into more of a casserole, using some eggs and some salsa (and believe me, after I stocked him up for Super Bowl snacks, we have some salsa around the house).

Tuesday:  Hot Dogs and Beans or Fruit. The hot dogs were on sale last week, along with other Super Bowl type food, the buns were on hand in the freezer, and the beans -- I had planned to pick up at last week's Walgreen's sale, but never got to. That means I either need to make a quick bean run at some time, or change the "side dish."

Wednesday: Church Supper.

Thursday: Chicken Mozzarella. Did another stockup on buy one/get one chicken deals last week, and also purchased some mozarella cheese on a good sale, and have tomato soup in the pantry and leftover pasta from last week's Corn Casserole -- all of that will go into this recipe from Campbell's kitchen, which I found in a magazine ad insert.

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday: Shrimp and Wild Rice Casserole from The Best of Wild Rice Recipes by Beatrice Okajangas. It's a family favorite of the four-year-old and the husband, and I finally replenished our family wild rice supply. Also picked up some shrimp with a local store's decent sale coupon, so it's time to eat the bag in the freezer from the previous good shrimp sale.

Find more menu plans (like her Ham Caribbean, which looks delicious) at

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